Explore the Asian Art Museum

March 15, 2018
Category: San Francisco Attractions

Located in the center of San Francisco’s Civic Center District, the Asian Art Museum is an artistic experience you don’t want to miss. Focusing on Asian Art and Culture, the Asian Art Museum explores the diversity of the different cultures of Asia through a variety of exhibitions and events. The Asian Art Museum displays many kinds of artwork, ranging from Calligraphy to Contemporary pieces. The museum was first started in 1959 after a man by the name of Avery Brundage donated a majority of his personal collection to the city of San Francisco, with the hopes that the city would create a museum with these pieces, With over 18,000 pieces, the Asian Art Museum is the largest museum in the United States that is devoted exclusively to the arts. As there are always new exhibits on display, each experience is a new and exciting one!

About The Asian Art Museum

Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, the Asian Art Museum offers a variety of sights to see within. With exhibitions such as: Divine Bodies, When the Words Speak, Traces of the Past and the Future, the museum promises to be a fun and educational experience.

Each exhibition focuses on a different form of art in relation to the history of an Asian Culture. The Divine Bodies Exhibition, for example, has on display a wide range of sculptures and paintings from Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The When Words Speak Exhibit, which is apart of the Japanese Gallery, focuses on the importance of written words in Japanese Art, including poems, paintings, and much more! The tradition of Chinese Ink Art can be found in the Traces of the Past and the Future Exhibition, where calligraphy, ceramics, and poetry are displayed. In addition to this, the Asian Art Museum also offers many events for those attending, as well as workshops and activities.

The Asian Art Museum is located within the Civic Center District of San Francisco, an area renowned for its historical buildings, some of which have been featured in television such as the the Painted Ladies houses, and its artistic sculptures around the area. The area expands over 46 acres, promising wonderful sights on your way to visit the Asian Art Museum.

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